Unique emotion for your senses

YD LUXE, iRoad for Luxury & Lifestyle Shopping, is pleased in exclusive worldwide, to present something unique for your senses.
Discover the secret, participating right now to the exclusive mission 'PURE EMOTION' in Yiducity.

Click Here to start: Follow the instructions and actions necessary to complete this special mission.

Upon completing the special mission, you will receive the code with which you can activate the secret door to start the journey that takes you to the secret location where the mysterious Pure Emotion is hidden.

Introduce the word aladdin in the Yiducity interaction area (in the bottom). You will approach to the secret door. Now you can try to open the secret door using the exclusive code that you received!

If the Exclusive Code works correctly, you will be transfered to the secret destination! Press 'TRY & BUY' button on the top. Finally you can get in touch with PURE EMOTION!

Congratulations! You have discovered PURE EMOTION.

Now you may have the opportunity to get it at your unique conditions.