Aladdin AI turn your dreams into reality
“YD ALADDIN AI: the easiest way to turn your wishes into reality!”

Yiducity is entirely based on Aladdin AI (Artificial Intelligence) platform.
Thanks QIAO TAGs, Yiducity traceability and authentication system, anything inside Yiducity is traced, recognized and qualified. YD ALADDIN AI create a complete digital world made of real / virtual locations, actions, events, experiences, products, e-Citizens and much more and in which all is real but is digitally interconnected.

This permit to Aladdin AI to create full interaction between anything with anything or with anyone.

Aladdin AI interactions: Chat, Audio and Images.


With his Artificial Intelligence engine, Aladdin AI understands the meaning of the sentence by audio and chat or by image recognition and responds by changing the environment and the available interactions in Yiducity: products, experiences, actions.

Aladdin AI is beyond any bot, the entire Yiducity is managed by Aladdin AI which is the intelligence of the city: thanks its sophisticated semantic and ontological engine, oriented to the contexts, Aladdin AI interacts to the e-Citizen proposing the selection of interactive elements in Yiducity, coherent with the request.

De facto, Aladdin AI changes the interface and the elements present in Yiducity, coherently with the request or in order to support the e-Citizen's wishes.意愿。

Aladdin AI interact in 60 languages with e-Citizens in natural language.


Aladdin AI interact in 14 languages with e-Citizens in natural language.


Aladdin AI interact combining image recognition and ontology, define the right Yiducity reaction in term of products, actions and much more. For example can realize sentece like "I desire something like this in the picture!"


or "I want prepare something like this".


Aladdin AI extend the opportunities to create action from a single image!

Aladdin AI works using YD BCHAIN, the Yiducity Blockchain-like platform in which any transaciton is crypted.

A unique and exclusive e-Citizen life extension with which to manage exclusive interactive interactions, discover unique experiences, buy and resell activities, services and products, focus group and public / private vote actions.

Only for Yiducity e-Citizens!